Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Domains

Darcy Lee.
I had a bit of extra money today so I bought the domains and It's possible I will develop a site specifically for these domains. But not likely.

At the moment they point to I don't actually know what i'll do with them. They just there to make a point I guess. I'll probably only have them for a year.

Anyway this is a war on death.

Take your part leave a comment.


Added label "Enemy of Death".

Darcy Lee

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

David Dallas Runnin

David Dallas.
David Dallas - Runnin

Got into this after reading the comments on the Scribe song. It's ok. Nothing to flash. Adding to music 3.

Darcy Lee

Not Many The Remix Scribe

Not Many - The Remix! -Scribe

This is a remix of song of my songs. Check it out. NZ Represent.

Darcy Lee

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony.
Fifth Harmony - Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign

I was looking through the top 100 videos with the most views on you tube on the wikipedia page and looked this up. It's pretty cool. Adding to music 2.

The war on death requires work.

Darcy Lee

Colbie Caillat Try

Colbie Caillat -Try

I got into this by looking for something to do with try. I can't remember the exact song that I was looking for. Not a big fan of this.

Darcy Lee

Usher Yeah


Usher - Yeah

This is one of my songs. Not sure if i've already added it but adding it again if I have. I searched to see if I could find it but couldn't.

Darcy Lee

Linkin Park Piano

Linkin Park - Piano

Discovered this while listening to linkin park. Adding it. I like it. It's ok.

Darcy Lee